Transforming energy efficiency at Meantime Brewing

By Tom Miller
T-FIT Global Marketing Manager
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Reducing energy consumption is a critical focus for businesses striving for sustainability and cost-effectiveness, particularly within energy-intensive industrial organisations. Upgrading pipe insulation presents a simple yet impactful solution to improve energy efficiency and reduce thermal loss.

At Meantime Brewing Company, the inefficiencies of their existing fibre insulation system posed significant challenges. Not only was it ineffective as a thermal insulator, but it also raised safety concerns and contributed to rapid spot corrosion of pipes due to moisture absorption properties.

Enter T-FIT pipe insulation – a pioneering solution in energy efficiency which has supported many brewing businesses globally to improve energy efficiency of their operations. Unlike traditional insulation methods, T-FIT insulation is non-fibrous and dust-free, boasting a closed-cell structure that renders it hydrophobic and resistant to moisture absorption. This unique feature prevents corrosion and bacterial growth on pipe surfaces, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Beyond its moisture-resistant properties, T-FIT insulation offers a plethora of benefits. Its integrated aluminium cladding provides unparalleled physical protection around hot pipe works, enhancing safety and durability. Additionally, T-FIT insulation excels against mechanical impact, chemical exposure, and UV light degradation, ensuring optimal performance in diverse industrial environments.

The design of T-FIT insulation simplifies installation and ongoing maintenance, eliminating the need for specialised tools. This not only reduces installation time but also enhances the overall installation experience. By enabling easy inspection and maintenance, T-FIT insulation minimises man-hours and optimises operational efficiency.

The success story of T-FIT pipe insulation at Meantime Brewing Company underscores its transformative potential for businesses seeking to enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs. As industry leaders embrace sustainable solutions, T-FIT stands at the forefront, offering a reliable and innovative solution to address energy consumption challenges effectively.

“We are very pleased with the results of installing T-FIT Process and Hygiene pipe insulation in our brewery. It has made a huge difference into the safety of our staff while also improving the hygiene and aesthetics of the pipework. T-FIT is easy to install, maintain, and clean, and it looks great. The flexibility in which it can be supplied makes it such a great product for us and it has solved all the problems we had with our old fibre insulation system. We highly recommend T-FIT Process and Hygiene Pipe to anyone looking for a reliable and effective insulation solution for high-temperature processing environments.” – Lewis McLeavey, Engineering Leader, Meantime Brewery