Next Generation closed-cell PVDF foam to insulate demanding HVAC applications
Long service life –
Fit to perform –
Fit to last
UV, bacteria, humidity & high temperature resistant insulation

T-FIT HVAC Insulation

T-FIT HVAC is the best, longest lasting insulation solution for inside any HVAC unit, equipment and component applications. 

Made from Zotefoams ZOTEK® F 42 HT LS, it offers market leading UV resistance and a service life far beyond that of the HVAC unit. It can be cut into any shape so will fit inside any HVAC unit. With a long-proven track record with a major humidification and compressor system manufacturer, T-FIT HVAC is the only foam insulation able to withstand their operating conditions of 100°C & high humidity (steam) making it the best-in-class insulation solution for all HVAC unit, equipment, and component applications. Well suited to insulate AC and HVAC equipment in demanding outdoor environments, it can withstand constant UV and high operating temperatures.

With excellent flammability credentials, it is the only closed cell crosslinked PVDF insulation foam that meets the criteria for all leading flammability methodologies.  No other material that is UL 723 certified can withstand these conditions.

Why Choose T-FIT HVAC ZOTEK® F 42 HT LS for your HVAC and AC unit needs?


  • Excellent UV resistance (no foil cover needed)
  • Wide operating temperature range (-80°C to +160°C)
  • Ideally suited for demanding outdoor environments
  • Very low VOC even at higher temperatures (at 90 & 120°C)
  • Fungus/ bacteria-resistant (ASTM G21-15 certified)
  • Excellent flammability credentials (UL 723)
  • Good insulation properties
  • Hydrophobic & low water vapour permeability (elimination of condensation)
  • Low density (light weight)
  • A clean product
  • Available in different thicknesses


T-FIT HVAC insulation delivers a long service life resulting in low maintenance & reduced repair costs:

  • Excellent long-term insulating performance at high temperature (up to 160°C) and high humidity. Material doesn’t deteriorate over time.
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Excellent UV resistance (no cover needed)
  • Long lasting, does not need to be replaced


  • Low outgassing (very low VOC at room & high temperatures)
  • No anti-microbial added. Consistent performance over the lifetime of the product
  • No particles shredding
  • Chemically resistant insulator


  • Excellent flammability credentials (UL 723 certification tested)


  • Design flexibility (thin insulation with good insulating properties) – can be thermoformed in complex shapes
  • No film needed to prevent water absorption.
  • Can fit inside any HVAC and AC unit
  • Easy to clean (resistant to chemicals)
  • Easy to Install
  • Reducing the supports needed to hold an insulated duct system due to the lightweight of the foam.

The values provided represent data gathered from random samples of our production of ZOTEK F and represent typical data.  These are given to the best of our knowledge and should be considered as guidance only for selecting a suitable grade for a given application.

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