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Fit to perform. Fit to last

Unrivalled performance and minimal maintenance, year after year of a class-leading service life, make T-FIT® the most cost-effective pipe insulation solution for plant-wide installation in demanding, highly-controlled industrial, pharma and manufacturing environments.

Fit for peace of mind through safety

Over the longest-possible timeframe — many years not a few months — T-FIT insulation gives your products and people the best protection against potentially catastrophic risks.

Fit for lower-cost installation and minimal maintenance

The minimum of fuss, tools and disruption — the modular clamshell design means the lowest man-hour plant-wide installation requirements in the market.
Tight spaces are no challenge for the slim profile. And with easy ‘open and close’ pipe inspection, look forward to over a decade of the lowest maintenance costs. 

Fit for performance through aesthetics

Near-zero thermal transfer and the thinnest 6.35mm profile — T-FIT’s closed cell insulation not only hugs the bends on complex, congested pipe runs, but keeps performing (and keeps its looks) for years and years.

Fit for sustainability through longevity

“Fit once” instead of “stop-remove-dispose” dramatically cuts production and disposal of waste material.

Longest maintenance-free service life
Fire-retardant, moisture and bacteria-resistant insulation
Particulate-free, near zero VOC’s, closed-cell foam structure
High-performance insulation for demanding processing environments
Fast tool-free installation
A single solution for insulating chilled and hot applications

The complete industrial insulation solution

T-FIT Insulation is the leading high-quality, high-performance, long-lasting pipe insulation solution for cleanrooms, aseptic areas and high-temperature processing environments. Manufactured from fine, pure, closed-cell foams each product in the T-FIT range targets the specific production challenges of each production application.

Clean room pipe insulation designed for demanding cleanroom environments in pharmaceutical, biotech and semiconductor manufacture

  • FM4910 Specification tested
  • Produced using FDA-compliant resin
  • Hydrophobic, bacteria-resistant (ASTM G21-15 certified)
  • Wide operating temperature
    range (-80oC to +160oC)
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent flammability credentials
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • UV-resistant insulation
  • Will not shed particulates
  • Very low VOC/outgassing

Pipe insultation tailored for aseptic areas in FMCG applications, especially food and beverage, dairy and personal care which require pipe insulation that is suitable for both chilled and hot processing applications

  • Wide operating temperature range (-80oC to +145oC)
  • Easy to clean
  • Withstands continuous temperature fluctuations
  • Produced using FDA-compliant resin
  • Hydrophobic, bacteria-resistant (ASTM G21-15 certified)
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Excellent flammability credentials
  • UV-resistant insulation

Developed for insulating rigorous high-temperature industrial processes, T-FIT Process heat and fire-resistant pipe insulation offers the highest level of physical protection around hot pipe works

  • High-temperature performance
  • Wide operating temperature range (-20oC to +200oC)
  • Robust and durable
  • Hydrophobic, bacteria-resistant (ASTM G21-15 certified)
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Integral aluminium cladding
  • Automotive industry approvals
  • UV-resistant