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Insulation tailored for aseptic areas in food and beverage, dairy and personal care

Zotefoams’ unique manufacturing process and the natural properties of PVDF polymers create a high-performance modular technical pipework insulation solution that delivers excellent thermal resistance, is heat-retardant, UV-resistant and with market-leading reaction to fire performance. T-FIT Hygiene is ideally suited to FMCG production processes that regularly cycle between low and high temperatures.

Safest: Utilising the exceptional properties of ZOTEK® F43 HT closed cell foam material, T-FIT Hygiene insulation features best-in-class technical performance. With excellent flammability credentials tested to Euroclass EN13501-1, achieving classification to B-S1-D0. T-FIT Hygiene delivers one of the lowest flame, smoke and toxicity rating of any polymer/elastomer insulating product.

Cleanest: Produced from a high-grade PVDF polymer using Zotefoams’ unique high-pressure autoclave, clean technology process, T-FIT Hygiene’s closed-cell foam structure is highly resistant to bacteria and mould growth. The insulation meets and exceeds the industry-standard ASTM G21-15 and is also particulate-, dust-, fibre-free and near zero VOC.

Simplest: With an operating range of -80oC to +145oC, T-FIT Hygiene insulation is suitable for both chilled and hot processing applications. Condensation is no longer an issue and a single insulation material can be used throughout the installation. For fast, tool-free installation — plus a long maintenance-free service life — insulation components are easy to open and close for inspection, and are available in 12.7mm and 6.35mm thicknesses, depending on specification.

Most cost-effective: Reduced installation cost, smaller footprint, lower operating costs and a reduced risk of cross-contamination — add all these benefits together and you get the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any high-performance insulation system.