The Complete Insulation Solution

T-FIT offers unmatched performance: lower maintenance and market-leading service life. It is the ideal solution for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and food & beverage manufacturing environments.

Low Profile

Significant space savings and allows for insulating areas that cannot be covered with traditional insulation

Made in Europe

Manufactured in Poland, T-FIT is Quality, Environmentally Responsible, and Safety-Compliant. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 certified

Multiple Configurations

Straights, tees, and elbows as well as custom covers for unique valves, boxes and accessories

Fast & Easy Installation

Overlapping tape and moulded fittings allow for quick and easy installation

Personnel Protection

Provides personnel protection and can accommodate hot and cold lines

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Safest Simplest Most cost-effective​

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T-FIT® is trusted by over 200 industry leading companies.

T-FIT® Insulation is the optimal choice for high-temperature processing environments. Specifically designed for industrial processes, including steam lines, food processing, energy, electronics, photonics, and chemical applications, T-FIT® provides unparalleled insulation. It ensures the highest level of physical protection for hot pipe works, making it a crucial solution for maintaining optimal temperatures and ensuring the efficiency and safety of processes in the food and beverage industry.

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Tailored for pharmaceutical manufacturing, T-FIT® insulation stands out as a paramount choice. With its fire-retardant properties and resistance to moisture and bacteria, T-FIT® has consistently surpassed competitors for over a decade in the most rigorous cleanroom and manufacturing settings. Notably, it remains the sole insulation solution that aligns with globally recognised cleanroom standards, ensuring unparalleled performance and compliance for pharmaceutical facilities.

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Customised for biotechnology companies, T-FIT® Clean insulation emerges as the optimal choice. Boasting fire-retardant capabilities and resistance to moisture and bacteria, T-FIT® Clean has demonstrated a decade-long superiority over competitors in the most challenging cleanroom and manufacturing settings. Notably, it stands as the singular insulation solution aligning with internationally recognised cleanroom standards, offering biotechnology firms unparalleled performance, regulatory compliance, and reliability for their critical processes.

For semiconductor manufacturers, T-FIT® Clean offers unmatched performance, ensuring regulatory compliance and reliability in critical cleanroom settings for semiconductor production. With fire-retardant attributes and resistance to moisture and bacteria, T-FIT® has maintained a decade-long track record of surpassing competitors in the most rigorous cleanroom and manufacturing environments. Notably, it stands as the sole insulation solution aligned with internationally recognised cleanroom standards.

For personal care product manufacturers, T-FIT® Insulation ensures unparalleled performance, regulatory compliance, and reliability in critical manufacturing environments, safeguarding the quality and integrity of their products.

There’s only one T-FIT®

Unrivalled performance and minimal maintenance, year after year of a class-leading service life, make T-FIT® the most cost-effective pipe insulation solution for plant-wide installation in demanding, highly-controlled industrial, pharma and manufacturing environments.

Clean Room insulation designed for demanding cleanroom environments in pharamceutical, biotech and semiconductor manufacture.

Pipe insulation tailored for aseptic areas in FMCG applications, especially food and beverages, dairy and personal care.

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