Student placement experiences in the T-FIT team – Nasfeer

Last August Zotefoams recruited three students to join the T-FIT® and lab team as part of their one-year student placement. The aim of the programme is to provide broad business experience and the insight to help take the right step into a permanent role on graduation.


  1. How are you finding your experience at Zotefoams and working on T-FIT®?

I am enjoying the independence and responsibility while working in T-FIT. I enjoy the different challenges that I face while working in the development of the different rang of products, as everyday can be a different adventure.

  1. What have you learnt?

I have learnt a range of different data analysis techniques, manipulating data into various graphs and using standard deviation and average calculation to reach various conclusions. Also, how to use the different equipment within T-FIT such as the oven, cooling chamber, thermocouple wires and data loggers.


  1. What do you enjoy most?

I enjoy the problem-solving aspect of the job as it allows me to apply my creativity in order to work towards a desired solution.


  1. Which brands have you been working on? Clean, Process or Hygiene?

Hygiene and process


  1. What challenges did you face when working on T-FIT®?

The process of applying cladding to T-FIT process tubes was not perfect as the cladding would sometimes have wrinkles and would take a long time to complete. So, I had to try devise a method without compromising the quality of the product.


  1. What are your future-plans?

I hope to pursue a career more tailored towards chemical engineering applying the knowledge and skills I have learnt while working in T-FIT.