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Recommended Installation, Operation & Maintenance Guidlines

The T-FIT® Clean range of insulation products are manufactured exclusively from ZOTEK® F42HTLS Closed Cell Kynar® PVDF foam, produced by Zotefoams plc; the only Closed Cell Clean Technology Insulation product designed and manufactured specifically for ‘CLEAN ROOM’ use, and used extensively by the BioPharma industries to increase the cost effectiveness and eliminate risk within their facilities.

Parts are comprised of a clamshell design comprising ca. 889mm straights, custom moulded 90° & 45° elbows and equal tees, as well as flat sheets for the safe enclosure of valves, reducers, heat exchanges and flanges etc. Straight lengths are supplied with pre-fitted PVDF pressure sensitive adhesive tape for easy and secure closure, the same tape is supplied and available in separate rolls of ca. 50m.
T-FIT® Clean can be installed with the minimum of fuss, tooling or disruption to any clean room operation, and are particulate free, enabling their installation in ‘Live’ Clean Rooms without any special containment requirements, tents or hoods etc; shut downs or interruption of production.
The high grade PVDF polymer, and the unique closed cell manufacturing process, enable a hydrophobic product that does not require an over-jacket, as well as enabling a clean and inherently bacteria free product (ASTM G21-96) allowing for a minimum cleaning process, utilizing standard internationally recognized cleaning products and fluids.
Because of its unique properties and construction T-FIT® Clean is a fast, easy and hygienic solution for insulating Clean Rooms, these properties enable the constructor an advantage when deciding exactly when to start the insulating process, allowing the benefit of time for early completion of construction, and installing the product in a relatively ‘Clean Room State’.

General Recommendations & Requirements

  • Construction Free area

  • Clean the area and pipes/tubing prior to installation

  • Start installation procedure from Elbows & Tees

  • Prep Elbows minimum 6 hours prior to installation

  • Remove backing tape from straight lengths prior to assembly

  • Use only Zotefoams recommended products when installing

  • On straight lengths snip/slice backing tape every 150mm to reduce excessive wrinkling

  • Apply significant pressure to tape on assembly as ‘pressure sensitive’