A – All T-FIT® products are manufactured from Zotefoams unique range of cellular foamed materials.

A –  Zotefoams utilise an environmentally friendly manufacturing process that uses nitrogen gas to produce a range of closed cell, cross-linked foams, resulting in a pure, odour free material with unique characteristics and performance.

A – Insulation products fall into two main groups – open cell and closed cell.  Open cell materials absorb water and moisture due to the open cell structure of the material.  Closed cell products will not absorb moisture, water will simply drain off the surface of the material.

A – Water is an excellent conductor of heat, so any insulation that can absorb water into its structure (i.e. open cell) is immediately compromised, as heat is quickly transferred through the water trapped in the insulation.  As closed cell products cannot absorb moisture, then insulation performance is not compromised during the service life of the product.

A – All T-FIT® products are closed cell.

A – Cross-linking is a chemical process that joins polymer chains to improve the physical properties of cellular materials.

A – Cross-linked materials are physically robust and able to withstand multiple compressions without any long-term reduction in thickness.  This means that during a construction, commissioning and use, T-FIT® is able to withstand most impacts and will not permanently deform. 

A – T-FIT® is a range is of unique, technical insulation products, purpose designed for demanding, highly controlled production environments. Each product in the T-FIT®range targets the specific challenges of one particular production area.

A – T-FIT® Clean is best suited to pharmaceutical, biotech and semiconductor/clean room environments, and especially when insulation is required to be specification tested to Factory Mutual 4910.

A – T-FIT® Hygiene is specifically tailored to these types of applications, and is highly resistant to most chemical and other cleaning/sanitising products used in aseptic environments.

A – T-FIT® Process can be installed in areas demanding heat tolerant insulation, and is stable up to 200°C (EN14707). Suitable processes include steam lines, many food processes as well as energy, electronic, photonic, and chemical applications.

A – In terms of thermal performance,  T-FIT® Products can be installed without cladding.  Due to the closed cell structure of the materials from which T-FIT® is produced, moisture cannot be absorbed into the insulation, and outer foils/cladding are not required.  T-FIT® Process is supplied with an outer cladding to increase the physical strength and robustness of the product.

A – No.  As T-FIT® products are not produced or based on any fibre materials, the material cannot emit or lose any fibres or particles, and therefore not capable of contributing any respiratory risk.  Face protection, mouth guards, masks, googles, etc. are not required.