Why Choose T-FIT®?

Quickly Installed

Workplace Friendly

Good Manufacturing Practice

Reducing Costs

T-FIT® insulation products are safe, quickly and easily installed, saving costs, reducing both complexity and downtime.  Supplied in clam or tubular form, the cellular construction of T-FIT® products provides for a flexible product that reduces install times around complicated pipe runs and is simple to install. 

Uniquely formulated by Zotefoams plc from PVDF or nylon polymers, T-FIT® is inherently a none fibrous product, negating any need for PPE during installation.  Where a more physically robust product is specified, then T-FIT® Process is supplied with integral aluminium cladding, further reducing installation time and complexity.

As T-FIT® is based on PVDF and nylon polymers, then this unrivalled product will not pollute or decrease air quality in any manner for the life time of the product.  Based on Zotefoams technology, T-FIT® products are inherently pure, nontoxic and odour free, and do not contain residual harmful chemicals left from production processes.  All T-FIT® products offer superior personal protection against injury from hot pipework.

T-FIT® insulation, founded upon zotefoams propriety manufacturing technology is a unique cellular material.  Utilizing the exceptional properties of PVDF and polyamide polymers, T-FIT® offers exceptional technical performance.  Fire performance, thermal conductivity and other physical properties do not deteriorate across the service lifetime of the product. 

Naturally, T-FIT® products offer high levels of chemical resistance, being completely inert when subject to typical cleaning and sterilisation products and processes in common use in highly controlled production environments.

Quick, easy installation can be achieved with minimal training, saving both initial and maintenance costs. The closed cell structure ensures T-FIT® products will not absorb moisture, thus preventing microbial growth, an important contributor to life time cost savings.

As the material can not contribute to air quality issues being non fibrous, then insulation can remain in service for extended time periods, reducing life time insulation costs even further. Based on xx years long term technology owned by Zotefoams, T-FIT® insulation systems are based upon long established and researched polymer materials, giving confidence and security to end users and plant owners.